Bathroom Ideas

Here is a sleek looking wet room.  If you are looking for bathroom ideas, here is a classic.  A lot of customers are choosing to convert their bathrooms into shower rooms or wet rooms.

What would this cost?

The tiles will be around £13 per m2 a typical wall in the photo would cost £300 including labour

The shower screen may be £100

For the wet room waste for this bathroom idea £278 installed if your beams are in the right orientation that lends its self to such an adaption.   Often seen in luxury hotels.

A cool black thermostatic shower like the one pictured will be £280 circa.

With some consideration the labour depending on what your room looks like this wet room design may cost upwards of £1800 including labour.   Not a bad price to pay for a luxury wet room.

Is this a good bathroom idea?

This is a stunning bathroom idea, the tricky part may be the waste and routing it to the soil pipe in an easy way.

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